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    Activity & Travel Tips for Happier, More Inclusive Holidays (Webinar)

    Activity & Travel Tips for Happier, More Inclusive Holidays (Webinar)

    We hosted a webinar entitled "Activity & Travel Tips for Happier, More Inclusive Holidays" this month, and it was a lot of fun. We gathered tips and activity ideas from teachers, parents and friends of people with disabilities and shared them during a live presentation on November 17th. 

    We shared ideas for holiday and winter-themed sensory play, activities for long trips, and ways to use assistive technology to allow children with disabilities to help out more with meal prep and cookie making. Then, we talked about new technology that makes it easier for people who are blind or visually impaired travel and locate luggage on a baggage carousel without assistance from fellow travelers or airline workers, and ways to bring multiple generations together using thoughtful iPad apps and interview books. 

    We invite you to watch the recorded webinar online (requires registration) and download the corresponding PowerPoint presentation. 

    How do you ensure everyone is equally involved in holiday fun and preparations? Do you have a go-to sensory play kit that you make up every year, or a special recipe that's easy for kids and adults with disabilities to help out with?

    We'd love to know what you do to make your holidays merry and bright for your friends and family with disabilities. Please comment below!

    Job Hunting and Interview Tips for people with Disabilities (Webinar)

    Job Hunting and Interview Tips for people with Disabilities (Webinar)

    We hosted a webinar entitled "Job Hunting and Interview Tips for people with Disabilities" this month in honor of Disability Employment Awareness Month, and it was a big hit. We covered a variety of topics from application and interview tips to where and how to report discrimination, and answered a wonderfully well-rounded set of questions from our live attendees. 

    Our speaker presented a business case for hiring people with disabilities. She noted several lesser-known but well-documented benefits to hiring people with disabilities -- many of which will directly affect an employer's bottom line and profitability in delightfully positive ways. 

    We invite you to watch the recorded webinar online (requires registration) and download the corresponding PowerPoint presentation. We also shared a list of colleges that have special programs for students with intellectual and learning disabilities.

    Are you a person with a disability who's currently looking for employment? If so, what have been your biggest hurdles? Do you have experience with helping people with disabilities prepare and/or obtain employment?

    We'd love to hear about your experiences, and any advice you have for people who are looking for work or companies that are considering a greater diversity in their workplace. Please comment below!

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