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    Glen showing the LoganProxTalker to a student LoganTech was founded in 2004 by parents who struggled to find an acceptable AT (assistive technology) solution for their son Logan, who has autism and is nonverbal. Logan’s father, our company president, Glen Dobbs, used his engineering background fueled by the desire to better communicate with his son to create the Logan® ProxTalker® — a stepping stone from silent symbol systems like PECS into more advanced AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) technologies.

    The 6dot line of Braille products, conceived by a group of MIT students, joined our family of brands in 2012. Three years later, in 2015, we traded our original company name (Proxtalker.com LLC) in for our current name and branding (LoganTech) so that we could continue to grow and expand into new markets. In 2016 we acquired Beyond Adaptive, a design and manufacturing company that specializes in custom keyguards for iPads and easy-release mounting systems and device cradles.

    LoganTech Exhibiting at a National ConventionNow, more than a decade after the release of our flagship product, we are proud to have a growing staff of dedicated employees with and without disabilities working here in our Waterbury, Connecticut headquarters, and a full catalog of low to mid-tech AAC products and accessories, iPadkeyguards and cradles, device mounting systems, and Braille learning and Braille labeling systems. Our history, the story of building a company from one boy’s needs into a globally-known brand, is a true tale of American industrialism, compassion and innovative problem solving. We hope you’ll feel that connection when you use our products and interact with our team.