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    Blackboard on a Laptop ComputerJoin us for one of monthly webinars to learn new techniques for working with students with disabilities. Each month we will have a new webinar topic presented by seasoned, respected teachers, SLPs, TVIs and assistive technology professionals. 

    If you cannot attend the live sessions, don’t worry — we’ll email a link to the recorded sessions to all who’ve registered as soon as they become available.

    Upcoming Webinar Topics

    Switch Adapted Puppy Toy

    Thursday, 5/18/2017 | 3:00 PM ET
    Using Interactive Switches and Concrete Manipulatives to Build Communication Basics for Children on the Autism Spectrum

    Guest presenters from Adaptivation will share ways to use concrete manipulatives including switches and switch enabled toys or objects to lay the foundation for future communication wins. You'll learn techniques for introducing basic assistive technology, building on cause and effect, and moving into basic augmentative communication skills.

    Register now for: Using Interactive Switches and Concrete Manipulatives to Build Communication Basics for Children on the Autism Spectrum

    Past Webinars

    Ever wish you could go back in time? Now you can, well at least where our webinars are concerned. The webinars listed below have already happened but if you click to register and complete the form that follows, you'll get an email with a link to watch the recorded session and download the correlating PowerPoint presentation (if applicable).


    What the Maker Movement Means for AT Professionals & SLPs

    Bill Binko, COO of LessonPix and founder of ATmakers.org, will talk about some of the ways technology is helping people create their own custom solutions for assistive technology and special education. Learn how the affordability of 3D printers and the emergence of 3D plan repositories had made it possible for everyday people, with very little technical experience to begin creating their own custom solutions for a fraction of the cost of purchasing the same tools from other sources.

    Register & watch online now!


    Continuing Education

    FREE Opportunities for Learning, and CEUs You Can Earn Online, On Your Time!

    Our guest presenter, Mai Ling Chan is the brains behind a new series of online courses for SLPs and ATPs. Many courses will be FREE and some will carry CEU credits with ASHA and other trade organizations. As an SLP herself Mai Ling knows firsthand how expensive and sometimes inconvenient it can be to keep your CEU credits up to date. She will explain the Yapp Guru education program and take questions about topics YOU'D like to see added to the curriculum!

    Register & watch online now!


    Visual ScenesUsing Symbols in Visual Scenes as an Alternative to Grid Displays

    Join us to learn how organizing symbols and AAC tools in visual scenes instead of the typical grid format can help encourage spontaneous communication and make it easier for people to relate to symbols and objects as symbols. We’ll talk about flat, printed scenes with modular, talking AAC symbols and scenes on a larger scale that incorporate symbols into whole environments such as a classroom, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Learn how to create visual scenes that support AAC through pairing symbols using the Logan Proxtalker, ProxPAD and more.

    Register & watch online now!


    New Year’s Resolutions for Special Ed & AT Pros

    Goal Setting on BlackboardWe asked teachers, assistive technology specialists, SLPs vocational therapists, and occupational trainers to tell us what skills and traits they're working on or plan to improve/enhance over the next year, and how they plan to achieve these. The responses included things as simple as being more patient, to goals as lofty as obtaining new degrees. They shared trends they want to follow, people hey want to emulate, district and department-wide goals, training they plan to attend, inspirational/motivational books, and more. Join us as we share these nuggets of wisdom with YOU!

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    Activity & Travel Tips for Happier, More Inclusive Holidays

    Man with Down Syndrome presenting a platter of gingerbread cookiesJoin us as we share tips and ideas from teachers, parents and friends of people with disabilities. We'll share tips for travel including ways to make independent travel easier for those with vision impairment, and activities for keeping kids with developmental disabilities occupied and more content on car trips. Learn how to use assistive technology to let kids with autism, communication and/or mobility impairments be more involved in holiday preparations and celebrations. Get ideas for holiday-themed sensory play, kid-friendly cooking techniques and new traditions that can bring family members of all ages closer regardless of ability or generation. (Presented LIVE on November 17, 2016.)

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    Job word inside a target icon

    Job Hunting and Interview Tips for people with Disabilities

    Join us to learn about several national employers who are well-known to be disability-friendly workplaces and how to approach employers big and small who may have questions about your disability and capabilities in the workplace. We'll discuss when you should disclose your disability (if it's not visible already), how much to share regarding accommodations and what's required by law where disability and accommodations are concerned. We'll also share some places you can turn if you feel you have been discriminated against. (Presented LIVE on October 27, 2016.)

    Register & watch online now!