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    I'm having trouble loading a new roll of tape. Does the tape go over or under the wheel?

    The tape goes under the wheel, i.e. between the wheel and the wall behind it.  Please note that it may take a few tries to load a new roll of tape, mainly because there is a limited time to get it right.  Basically, if the device does not see the tape at the exit after a number of seconds, it will back the tape out toward the beginning so you can try again.  This is designed to recover from a potential (hopefully uncommon) situation where the leading edge of the tape has gotten stuck somewhere or otherwise found a way to not reach the exit.  This only applies to a new roll of tape; once the tape is loaded and present at the exit it is good to go until the end of the roll.

    A few troubleshooting tips:

    (1.) Try manually cutting off the first inch of the new roll of tape, as the curled part of the roll behind this leading edge often goes in a bit more smoothly.

    (2.) If the leading edge of the label tape ends up back at the beginning (either because the device backed it up, or you manually pulled it back to the start)...

    (2-a.) It's a good idea to turn the power switch off and back on before trying again.

    (2-b.) If a portion of the label tape is wrinkled/bent out of shape, cut off that portion with a pair of scissors, and then feed the leading edge of the remainder of the roll back into the drive wheel.

    Can you connect it to a PC or just to QWERTY keyboard?

    Currently USB QWERTY keyboard only.  PC connectivity is planned for future development.

    Can I get audio or Braille instruction?

    There are a few ways we are working on these:

    (1.) We are able to provide a Brailled version of the user manual upon request.

    (2.) We are also working to make some audio instructions available on our website.  We will send an announcement when we have something up.

    (3.) Finally, we are planning to add more audio guidance on the label maker itself as time goes on (currently there are only system event beeps, but some more helpful sounds including speech are planned for future updates).

    Where is the power supply?

    The 6dot Braille Label Maker is designed to be a portable device running on six AA batteries.  We do offer an optional power adapter, but this is sold separately and is only recommended for the case when the label maker will remain exclusively in one fixed location.  We anticipate this may become a more common setup once PC connectivity allows for "desktop label printer mode", but for the time being users typically rely on the portability of the label maker, and the standard package is configured accordingly.

    Can you use rechargeable batteries?

    We highly recommend using standard alkaline (non-rechargeable) batteries in the 6dot Braille Label Maker.  Although we like the idea of rechargeable batteries in general, in this case the motors that emboss the Braille require short bursts of high current, which rechargeable batteries are not nearly as good at handling.  As a result, rechargeable batteries may adversely affect both the performance and the life of your device.

    What do the arrow keys on either side of the round button do?

    These buttons will play more of a role once there is more to the on-board audio, and/or we add options such as different typing modes, but for now don't worry about these.

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