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    Glen and Kristi Dobbs’ son, Logan, has severe autism and is completely nonverbal.  They were told Logan will never talk.  They were told it would be too difficult for him to use a dynamic screen device, such as an iPad.  Instead, Logan used cards with pictures on them to get his point across.  This, unfortunately, was very limiting to a child with an imagination. 

    Logan was able to express his want for juice or his favorite meal by pointing to or handing someone a corresponding picture.  Something important was missing.  Kristi pondered, “What if these things could talk?”

    Logan sitting in a booth at Wendy's with the ProxTalker and a chocolate frosty

    Dobbs’ engineering mind took that as inspiration to create the Logan ProxTalker—the first moveable picture communication device that actually talks. A lot of trial and error went into the patented product. Logan threw a production model out the window when riding in the car and it shattered.  Dobbs realized the ProxTalker would have to be relatively indestructible, with his son’s damaging behavioral tendencies. The ProxTalker can now be run over by a truck without losing its structure and function.

    With the ProxTalker, Logan was able to build and verbalize complete sentences.  He was able to order a frosty from Wendy’s.  He was able to say that he wants to go on a rollercoaster at Epcot.  He was able to tell his parents when he was ready for bed. Little sentences that many do not question what life would be like if they could not verbalize them.

    Logan has since moved onto an iPad, but that would not have been possible without the ProxTalker to act as a bridge. 

    Dobbs knew there were other people in a similar situation to him and Logan.  He knew he had to share his product with the world. 

    Logan with his father, younger sister, and mother.  From left to right: Glen, Holly, Kristi, Logan.

    Glen Dobbs is the President and CEO of LoganTech.  LoganTech resides on Huntingdon Ave in Waterbury, Connecticut, where they manufacture their products, primarily using United States suppliers. Furthermore, they export internationally to many regions including the EU, Middle East, and Australia.  They even export to Korea. LoganTech is an organization whose founding goal was to increase accessibility to a unique, but necessary, solution for nonverbal, autistic children. 

    To further help the community, Dobbs and his team invented the ProxPAD, which is a single location communication device. Its primary purpose is giving nonverbal individuals with low motor skills a voice through use of tangible objects.  It has since been used to help visually impaired individuals as well as stroke patients communicate.  They also invented the BrailleCoach, which is an assistive tool that can be used to learn how to read and write braille.  Additionally, he acquired Braille Label Maker and rebranded the BrailleCoach and Label Maker into one 6dot product line.

    The 6dot line of Braille products, conceived by a group of MIT students, joined our family of brands in 2012. Three years later, in 2015, we traded our original company name ( LLC) in for our current name and branding (LoganTech) so that we could continue to grow and expand into new markets. In 2016 we acquired Beyond Adaptive, a design and manufacturing company that specializes in custom keyguards for iPads and easy-release mounting systems and device cradles.

    Now, more than a decade after the release of our flagship product, we are proud to have a growing staff of dedicated employees with and without disabilities working here in our Waterbury, Connecticut headquarters, and a full catalog of low to mid-tech AAC products and accessories, iPad keyguards and cradles, device mounting systems, and Braille learning and Braille labeling systems. Our history, the story of building a company from one boy’s needs into a globally-known brand, is a true tale of American industrialism, compassion and innovative problem solving. We hope you’ll feel that connection when you use our products and interact with our team.

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