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    Connect them with the device that will help them successfully communicate.

    A Doorway to Effective and Fun Communication

    The ProxTalker is a modular communication device that produces voice output at the touch of a button.  It is also incredibly durable and completely customizable to the user's environment.  In many cases, it can be funded by insurane.


    Proxtalker with I want to eat chocolate tags

    Completely Customizable to Suit the User's Needs

    The ProxTalker can be used immediately out of the box.  The soundtags can then be customized with pictures of the user's environment by using the provided sticker sheets and the free ProxTalker app.  For further customization, you can add tactile symbols to the soundtags.  Lastly, all sound tags can be recorded over with your voice to give the speech output a more personal feel.
    proxtalker with tactile symbols


    Make your own tactiles


    Use your own pictures


    Record with your voice


    Unleash your child's creativity

    How Does it Work?

    Simply Place & Press.

    The ProxTalker is easy to use.  You can use it as a choice maker, where you pick up and place a few different options on any of the five locations and have the user press which one they desire.  Or, the user can take complete control over their communication by placing their desired tags over any button and pressing to signal voice output.  It's also a great tool to teach sentence building.  
    Pharmacy Product

    AAC tablet bundle to meet your needs.


    All Surgical Glove

    The perfect duo to learning how to read and type braille.

    6dot Products

    All Surgical Glove

    Communication device that can be used in touch mode or proximity mode.


    Still not Convinced?

    Let us show you how it works!

    The ProxTalker, ProxPAD, and LogansVoice Communication Bundle can be funded by insurance.  The ProxTalker  can help bridge the gap between low-tech and high-tech AAC, while the LogansVoice Communication Bundle is a great customizable high-tech solution. The ProxPAD is perfect for giving tactile objects voice output! Each unique device can be tailored to fit the end user's needs.


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