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    Free communication board software for your iPad!  Now Therapists, Teachers and Parents have affordable access to board creation software on their iPads!  ProxTalker App enables you to easily and quickly create low-tech, highly customized visual communication boards.  Use these boards to support personal needs, classroom activities, scheduling(i.e. first/then), calendars, task lists and expressive and receptive language.  

    Making a communication page is simple!  Select a page template and begin to add photos, symbols and text onto the board.  When you're done, print the board or email to a friend, parent, teacher or clinician.

    Best of all, print communication boards onto adhesive labels and stick the images onto ProxTalker SoundTags to give them a voice!

    3 Version all with full photo library and camera capability

    • ProxTalker App Lite is FREE - includes 80 starter symbols
    • ProxTalker App Plus $99.00 - Upgrade adds Symbolstix library, over 15,000 symbols
    • ProxTalker App Pro $199.00 - Upgrade adds both SymbolStix & Widgit libraries, over 27,000 symbols

    Available on the App Store

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