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    Print: all pages in set: Core vocab tags / Large cards / Sentences strip / ProxTalker tags.

    Customise: Core and Proxtalker tags with symbols and words. n.b. the core vocabulary covers the whole terms activities. Different coloured play dough or similar.


    1. Student looks at large cards for colours and snacks and finds them in communication book and/or explore as appropriate. Staff or students make different snacks with the dough and talk about when you would eat different snacks e.g. party, school
    2. Students complete sentence strip starting with ‘I make…..’ with colour and snack.
    3. Student take turns to replicate their sentence on the ProxTalker, pressing the green button to hear the whole sentence.

    Download guidelines - colours and snacks

    Core vocabulary

    Conner’s Communication Curriculum - core vocabulary


    Sentences strips


    LOGAN® PROXTALKER® tags colour and snacks

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