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    Print: all pages in set: Core vocab tags / Large cards / Sentences strip / ProxTalker tags.

    Customise: Core and Proxtalker tags with symbols and words. n.b. the core vocabulary covers the whole terms activities.

    Improvise a shop with ‘money‘ available


    1. Student looks at flashcards for clothes and finds them in communication book and/or explore as appropriate. Staff or students act out shopping with student buying clothes.
    2. Students complete sentence strip starting with ‘I buy…..’ with clothes and please/thank you, as appropriate.
    3. Student take turns to replicate their sentence on the ProxTalker, pressing the green button to hear the whole sentence.

    Download guidelines - clothes and thank you

    Core vocabulary

    Conner’s Communication Curriculum - core vocabulary


    Sentences strips


    LOGAN® PROXTALKER® tags clothes and thank you

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