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    Give Us A Call: 866-962-0966

    Email Us: info@logantech.com


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    ProxTalker - 6dot Braille Label Maker - iPad Bundle - ProxPAD Choice Maker


    Image of young boy using the ProxTalker in a sensory room. Communication Solutions

    Image of 6dot BrailleCoach and Braille Label Maker. Braille Solutions

    Image of boy using ProxTalker with a teacher. FAQ ProxTalker/ProxPAD

    Image of Sam with his ProxTalker birthday cake. Testimonials

    Image of Jerry using the 6dot Braille Label Maker. FAQ Braille


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    Low Tech Communication Solutions - Clevy Colored Keyboard - Clevy Contrast Keyboard - FAB (Frenchay Alphabet Board) Keyboard - MegaBee Eye Pointing Communication Tablet - Whatz-it - Frenchay Screening Tool for AAC - Ghost Boy - Clevy Keyguard

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