Change a life.

Connect individuals with the
device that will help make
communication meaningful.

We're here to help!

We understand the difficulties associated with finding the right AAC device.

What's so cool about it?

Easy to use

Simply place a tag on any open location and press down for voice output.  Use the speak all tag (the green circle) to have the device speak all tags from left to right.


We give you blank sticker sheets so you can label, print, and record specific things in the user's environment to help make communication more meaningful to them.  Our favorite is when users print out a picture of their dog so they can use their device to call over their best friend.


We built this with the most destructive communicators in mind.  To test its durability, we ran it over with a full size dodge pick up truck.  

Can be funded by insurance

Our speech generating devices can be covered by insurance. Not sure of where to start? Contact us for more information.